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A great bow for beginners!

If you would like to have fun and success in archery it is very important to make sure that you have bows that fit properly. These bows should be gracefull and beautiful to look at, and have the power to send their arrows to their intended targets with authority. Our Hero bows will deliver! Every bow in our Hero series can be shot off the shelf or with an elevated arrow rest. The Hero Hunting recurve is a special combination of workmanship, beauty, and performance.

These powerful Hero limbs can be shot with any standard high-performance bowstring.  We deliver each Hero bow with our Whisper String, so that the arrows have a flatter trajectory and the bows will be "whisper quiet

Bowset Recurve HERO

SKU: 022020
R6 120,00Price
Out of Stock
  • What is inluded?

    • 1 Recurve Adult HERO
    • 1 Bowstringer
    • 1 String Wax
    • 1 Armgurard Dynamic 
    • Black Shooting Glove
    • 3 Arrows
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