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The perfect combination of precision, quality, and price with our Carbon Core Generals Arrows carbon shafts.

The tolerances for the spine values and the mass weight of this great carbon shaft are very tight! The Carbon Core Arrow also scores impressively well in durability!

This is great news for archers who have been having a hard time finding suitable carbon arrows for their lighter bows. In the lower spines, these carbon shafts are a perfect match for bows with lower draw weights.

And for those archers with long draw lengths, all of the Carbon Core Arrows are 32,5 inches long!
The Carbon Core Arrow is an impressive carbon arrow in every way and the best deal you will find on carbon arrows of this quality anywhere!


Carbon Core Arrows

SKU: 10484
Color (index feather yellow)
  • The Carbon Core Arrow is a carbon arrow "ready to use"

    • Available Spine: 500, 600, 700
    • Length: 33,5“
    • ID: Easton Standard, .245“
    • Quality: 100% Carbon
    • Color: Black Carbon
    • Delivery packet: Completely fletched, Nocks, Point already glued.
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