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Are you interested in archery?

Do you want to take up archery as a hobby or sport?

Maybe you are new to it or want to try it!

Don’t wait to start – start now!



Archery for kids offers benefits to their physical and mental development. Plus, despite what you might assume, archery is a relatively safe sport for kids to practice.

#1. Increased Mental Focus & Self Discipline

Archery is a skill that takes commitment and time to learn, thus teaching kids about the importance of follow through. If your child sticks with it they will see their skills and focus improve, highlighting the benefits of staying committed and disciplined. These are important life lessons that help shape the adult your child grows up to become.

#2. Archery Leads To Improved Coordination

Archery requires careful interaction of the body and equipment, both must work together in harmony to hit a target. Kids must learn how to plant their feet and apply just the right pressure to release the arrow. Therefore, every time your child focuses on hitting a target they are improving eye-hand coordination and balance.

#3. Increased Confidence From Mastering a New Skill

Archery can be practiced as a recreational or competitive sport. Either way it builds confidence by providing a fair challenge that is possible to master but takes time and effort to do so.  As your child’s archery skills improve they see firsthand how their hard work is paying off, promoting greater self-esteem. If your child decides to take the competitive route, they can gain further confidence through awards and public recognition. Each goal they set and achieve shows them that they can do anything they put their mind to.

#4. Archery Provides Relaxation & Stress Relief

The art of archery involves finding the perfect spot to release the arrow, watching it fly off to its destination, and then hearing the target strike. The whole process is an active meditation, forcing the mind to calm down and go quiet in order to focus on the task at hand. As a result, kids experience a calming feeling from participating in archery.

Archery is different from many popular sports that are rough on the body and can encourage aggressive behavior and insecurities due to heated competition. Archery offers the perfect balance of challenge and exercise. Finding activities that allow your kids to release stress in a healthy way improves mental focus in all areas of life. Plus, it teaches them there are healthy ways to release stress.

#5. Archery Teaches Teamwork & Sportsmanship

Archery can be a team sport, in which case it’ll build sportsmanship and team building skills. When properly introduced, team sports can promote greater confidence. Not only through accomplishments but also through the acceptance of other team members, no matter their skill level.

Communication is a key factor when working together as a team. Regardless if kids are teaching their peers how something is done or encouraging others to give it another try, they are learning the most valuable lesson about teamwork and sportsmanship. It isn’t about being the best or most dominant player on the team, it’s all about giving back to your team in any ways that you can.


Is it really safe for kids to use bow and arrows? It’s not uncommon for parents to worry about the overall safety of archery. You might be surprised to uncover just how safe it is. In fact…

-According to the Archery Trade Association, archery is safer than every school-offered ball sport, aside from bowling and table tennis.



In these 4 lessons the participants will learn all the important basics of instinctive archery.
Total duration of 4 hours.


14.00 - 15.00

Age 8 - 15 yrs.

At the end of the basic archery course everyone will have an opportunity to shoot the 3D course. During this round we practice using the shooting technique we learned during the class.



In these 4 lessons the participants will learn all the important basics of instinctive archery.
Total duration of 4 hours.


16.00 - 17.00

Age 16+ yrs.

At the end of the basic archery course everyone will have an opportunity to shoot the 3D course. During this round we practice using the shooting technique we learned during the class.


Archery has been around since 5000 BC and is a fun hobby for many people.

Centuries ago, people used it for hunting for food, but today it is a favorite sport and needs a considerable amount of focus and strength.

These days the activity offers you more than having fun and keeps you fit and healthy—giving you the best reason why archery is right for you.

Another fantastic thing is it does not matter how old you are as archery is beneficial for young and old to do. The health benefits apply to both as it improves your mental and physical health in young and old at the same time.

On the other hand, there is more to you holding a bow and arrow in your hand. Here are some of the best reasons why you should learn archery today as a sport.

The Benefits of Taking up Archery

While holding a bow and arrow is fun, we have a plethora of explanations why you should take up archery as a activity today. Not only is it enjoyable but it is open to all to participate from able to disabled people.

You can even do it if you are blind by using special tactile equipment. The sport is physically demanding and helps improve your upper body strength. Besides, you need mental fitness and helps develop your focus and gives you attention skills. The sport is relatively inexpensive if you only want to play for fun.

However, if you want to be competitive at it, the costs increase and needs loads of your time with perseverance. The fantastic news is there are different archery outlets available where you can borrow equipment. What makes it more beneficial is that recreational archery offers you satisfaction.

When taking it up for leisure, you need to focus on improving yourself. You need to forget about what other archers think making it more pleasurable. Further, you will learn to become more patient as you need several levels of practice and requires dedication and endurance.

Another advantage is you can do archery indoor or outdoor, so there is no limit in taking part in the activity during winter. No matter what age you are from 6 to 80, you can take up the sport for fun or shooting competitively. What’s more, it teaches you teamwork when taking part in competitions involving groups.

Lastly, it provides you self-confidence as it combines your mental and physical attributes while teaching you safety. You will learn to become responsible for the equipment you use and other people. Also archery cost is relatively low and you don’t nee a lot of equipment to get started.

How Does Archery Improve Your Health

By now, you know that archery is fun, provides you with self-confidence, and builds your mental health, but there is more:

Archery Improves Your Hand-Eye Coordination

While holding the bow and arrow your hands, they work together to perform different tasks. You learn to aim and fire the arrow with the input from your eyes. By doing this, it improves your coordination with every repetition and practice. What’s more, you learn to balance, as you need to hold your body still while aiming. Over time your core gains better control to make an accurate shot.

The Finger and Hand Strength Improves

When making each shot with the compound bow you use your fingers. During the aim, it strengthens your hand and fingers making them more flexible to use.

Archery Gives You Strength Building

During archery, you are not only using your hands. You are physically using your arms, chest, core, and shoulders to make a proper draw. The activity is similar to standing in the gym lifting weights. The tension on the different muscle groups maintained for several seconds before you release the string. By drawing and firing your bow continuously, it leads to the development of your major muscle groups in the upper body.

Helps Increase Your Patience

Archery required immense staying power as it is about precision and not speed. Learning accuracy takes time and loads of patience to maximize your accurateness. Also, most people need a lesson in endurance and archery can help.

Archery Increases Your Focus

As mentioned before archery helps you to focus. You need to tune out your surroundings and focus on your form while releasing the bowstring time after time. With your concentration, it helps you cope in your daily life when under high-pressure.

Improve Your Confidence with Archery

If you do plan taking part in archery competitions, you will find your confidence improving. As you are shooting against other archers, it helps improve your form and technique to give you self-confidence and boost your self-esteem.

Makes You More Sociable and Relaxed

Whether you are enjoying combat archery with family at home or shooting at the range, you become more sociable. You learn to work in teams and in the process build fantastic relationships with others. In addition to learning to work in groups, it makes you relax as you release the arrow and watch it fly hitting the target and a great stress reliever.

You Get In Your Daily Exercise

If you do not enjoy going to the gym and running for miles, archery is one of the best exercises you can do. Archers walk for up to five miles while carrying their gear during a competition. Even drawing the bow helps to burn up to 140 calories in half-an-hour and is equivalent to walking briskly at a 3.5-mph pace.

You should check out my archery accessories and equipment page

Archery Teaches You to Survive

When taking up archery for fun or sport survival skills might not be on your mind. On the other hand, if you do not have the skills and the unthinkable happens how do will you survive?

You may have a firearm, but bullets do disappear eventually, and you need stealth to hunt for food. In times like this, you need a bow and learning archery is the best way to track for food.

Archery is one of the most valuable skills you can learn. Why, because…

You Will Not Starve

If you have a bow and know how to use it, you will never go without food. You can kill any animal with your Recurve Bow and will not have to scrounge around for a Twinkie. You can hunt whitetail deer to feed many people, and it is easy to clean and cook if ever you are stuck in the wild. You can even use it for bowfishing with your arrow in hand.

You Have the Best Protection

If ever things change in the world, fire and police will be busy. In honesty, you will find people looting, misbehaving, and stealing. People will help themselves to survive here is where the bow and arrow come in handy. If ever someone wants to harm you and your family, it becomes your first line of defense.

Final Thoughts

Taking up archery offers you loads of benefits and these are only, a few mentioned here. Shooting your traditional bow is demanding yet it gives you both health and survival benefits at the same time. You will get your daily exercise, improve your muscles, relax, improve your eyesight, and become sociable.



No, the equipment for all levels is included.



Yes, you are welcome to bring your own equipment. As part of the class, Chris is available for you to check your equipment and make sure your bow is properly set up and adjusted.


Instinctive archery can be enjoyed both, alone and in a group. An afternoon in the fresh air, on a 3D course, in the community of friends and family is a special experience for many archers. Instinctive archery is something for everyone, so yes! The basic archery course is a great start for the entire family.


No matter what age you are from 8 to 80, you can start shooting for fun or competitively. It teaches you teamwork when taking part in group competitions.
It also builds up your self-confidence as it combines your mental and physical attributes. You will learn responsibility. The costs are relatively low and you don’t need a lot of equipment to get started.


The truth is there is no set point on how long it takes to learn archery as you are always improving your skill.
Archery can take up to an hour to learn but takes a lifetime to master. The answer may sound snarky but is true because it can be hard to get your technique right and improve your accuracy. Getting started and learning the technicalities of aiming and shooting your bow is effortless to grasp. However, honing those skills and building the muscles to do everything without fail every time takes a lot of hours and practice, whether you receive lessons, or learn at home or by yourself. However, if you are prepared to practice, then you can learn the basics, pretty fast.


The truth is it can take many years to master archery to make it perfect. It can take up to three years for you to get good at it. Further, it depends if you are using traditional bare bows, Olympic, or a compound bow. In sports, you can find elderly archers beating youngsters at the game.
The sports are not about how your physical condition is, but also the experience you have. Alternatively, it is a mind game as some Asian cultures use it to meditate. The minimum limitation for bow hunting is 40 lbs, and you do not need to be Hercules to pull the string.


Archery is a unique occupation, as it comprises of different pieces of gear you can mix and match. As an entry-level archer, you will need to get some gear, a place to practice, and most important participate in archery lessons. All of these things may sound expensive but does not have to be. Luckily, you can custom-tailor your equipment to fit in with your budget.


This is the outdoors version of target archery and practiced through uneven terrain and woodlands. The typical course comprises of 20 targets. It is suitable for all skill levels. Here shooters practice shooting at targets uphill or downhill at unmarked distances with light, dark conditions, and wind present.
On the course, you will find 3-dimensional target-resembling animals set up at various distances and elevations, which are effectively simulated hunting scenarios.
Archers score points according to accuracy. Taking part in the competition is not limited to hunters though and many participants are not hunters at all.


Maybe you want to try archery and want to become the next Robin Hood. The fact is it is easy to get started. You need to find the time, the right equipment, and a place to shoot. The truth is it is easier than what you think. The costs can vary from one archer to another.

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